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Mass vaccine Dispensing, Community Vaccination Centers, Homebound Vaccine Dispensing, Home Health Care


This presentation summarizes the goals of the COVID-19 vaccination program and provides an overview of its status as of May 2021. Next, the logistics requirements of Community Vaccination Centers (CVCs), which are common venues for mass vaccine dispensing, are presented. According to this dispensing method, people travel to where the vaccine is being administered (people-to-shots). Finally, the logistics requirements of an alternative dispensing method that brings the vaccine to people in their homes (shots-to-people) are addressed. This dispensing method can increase vaccine access for homebound individuals.


A portion of this presentation is based on joint work with Dr. Charleen C. McNeill, PhD, MSN, RN, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

The captions accompanying these videos were generated automatically by YouTube software which may not accurately transcribe scientific, medical, and technical terms.