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Bachelor of Arts


International and Global Studies


Hare, Laurence

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Phillips, Jared

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Bayram, A. Burcu

Committee Member/Third Reader

Barabote, Ravi


Terrorist activity has increased and evolved in Western societies in the twenty-first century as terrorist organizations have sought new methods to further their ideologies and goals. Counterterrorism thus requires a similar evolution that undoubtedly reverses the historic trend wherein counterterrorism has been merely reactive. Through interviews with experts, qualitative analysis of governmental publications and documents, and review of existing literature, this project explores the institutions of intelligence, education, and the media and their work within the larger counterterrorism and anti-radicalization framework of Western states. The project focuses specifically on domestic intelligence operations, intelligence sharing agreements, the United Kingdom’s Prevent strategy, and media framing of terrorism and counterterrorism. The future interplay of these three institutions requires proactive action and outlook that attempts to mitigate the reach of terrorist organizations, particularly in protecting the public from radicalization. It will also entail other institutions like religion and non-governmental organizations to address the far-reaching societal implications of terrorism.


terrorism, counterterrorism, radicalization, intelligence, education, media