The reproductive cycle of Farancia abacura reinwardtii was studied using samples of snakes collected throughout Arkansas from 1985 to 1991 ;museum specimens were also examined. The right testis of 22 males was examined by light microscopy. Histological analysis of the testis indicated a postnuptial spermatogenic cycle. Testicular recrudescence begins in late May with sperm production peaking in late summer; sperm over winter in the ductus deferens. Ovarian follicles of 22 females were measured and counted; two follicular sizes were noted. In those undergoing primary vitellogenesis, a maximum size of 6.5 mm was reached; those exhibiting secondary vitellogenesis ranged in size from 12 to 21 mm. Average clutch size in females with follicles over 10 mm was 14.6 (n=6). Oviductal eggs were observed in a single female in early September. Female F. abacura require at least 2.5 years to become sexually mature. Follicular growth is slow over the first two years but increases dramatically during the spring of the third year.

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