Recently, a population of pocket gophers in the north-central portion of Arkansas was determined to be the plains pocket gopher (Geomys Imrsarius), rather than Baird's pocket gopher (Geomys breviceps). This changed the known range of both species extensively. A detailed examination of the known range of Baird's pocket gophers (G. breviceps) in Arkansas resulted in 12 new county records. Biogeographically, G. breviceps appears to be found in all physiographic regions within the state with the possible exception ofCrowley's ridge. It is most common in the Gulf Coastal Plain and rarest in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. The distribution ofG. breviceps is consistent with the hypothesis that glaciation events, together withnorthward invasions from Louisiana and eastern Texas and eastward invasions from Oklahoma (around the Ouachita Mountains) were major creational forces in the establishment of the present G. breviceps distribution in Arkansas.

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