We collected millipeds between November 2001 and March 2002 at several sites in the Ouachita Provinces of western (Garland, Hot Spring, Pike, and Polk counties) and central Arkansas (Pulaski County) and the Ouachita and Kiamichi Provinces of southeastern Oklahoma (LeFlore and McCurtain counties). The following millipeds were found: Eurymerodesmus dubius, Auturus louisianus louisianus, Pseudopolydesmus pinetorum, and Cambala minor in Garland County; Eurymerodesmus sp., A. I. louisianus, P. pinetorum, and juveniles of the family Parajulidae (tribe Aniulini) from Hot Spring County; E. dubius, A. I. louisianus, and juveniles of the family Cleidogonidae from Pike County; Brachycybe lecontei, A. I. louisianus, Abacion tesselatum, and P. pinetorum in Polk County; Eurymerodesmus pulaski, P. pinetorum, Auturus evides, C. minor, B. lecontei, and a possible new species of Cleidogona in Pulaski County; A. I. louisianus, Apheloria virginiensis ?reducta, P. pinetorum, Narceus americanus, and E. dubius in McCurtain County; and B. lecontei, A.l. louisianus, Eurymerodesmus b. birdi, A. Ptesselatum, and juveniles of the family Parajulidae (tribe Aniulini) in LeFlore County. Two new state records are documented for Oklahoma: B. lecontei (Platydesmida: Andrognathidae), a record not only for the genus and species but also for the family and order; and E. dubius, the westernmost locality ever reported for the species.

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