Twenty-one lotic and lentic environments throughout central and northern Arkansas were surveyed for the presence of leeches during June 2004 and April, July - October 2005. Fourteen species of leeches {Helobdella elongata, Helobdella papillata, Helobdella stagnalis, Placobdella cryptobranchii, Placobdella multilineata, Placobdella ornata, Placobdella papillifera, Placobdella parasitica, Placobdella phaler a, Placobdella picta, Haemopis marmorata, Erpobdella fervida, Erpobdella microstoma, and Erpobdella punctata) representing 3 families were collected. Five species (H. elongata, P. cryptobranchii, P. multilineata, H. marmorata, and E. fervida) are reported from Arkansas for the first time. The natural history of the 22 species of leeches now known from Arkansas is reviewed.

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