This paper describes our numerical investigation into ionizing breakdown waves, primarily antiforce waves. Antiforce waves are waves for which the electric field force on the electronsisin the opposite direction of the wave's propagation. This investigation required us to utilize one-dimensional electron fluid-dynamical equations, which were applied to a pulse wave that transmits into a region of neutral gas and is under the influence of an applied electric field. Two important assumptions were made in applying these equations: electrons were considered to be the main component in the propagation of the pulse wave, and the partial pressure of the electron gas provided the driving force for the wave. The pulse waves were considered to be shock-fronted, and these waves are composed of2 regions: a thin sheath region that exists behind the shock front and a thicker quasi-neutral region that follows the sheath region and in which ionization continues as the electron fluid cools. The set of equations used to investigate these waves consists of the equations of conservation of mass, momentum, and energy coupled with Poisson's equation, which altogether are known as the electron fluid-dynamical (EFD) equations.

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