Shrimp Crayfish; Decapoda; Arkansas; Faxonius lancifer; Ecology


The Shrimp Crayfish, Faxonius (formerly Orconectes) lancifer (Hagen) is an uncommon, although widespread, crayfish in Arkansas. This species is herein documented from 19 counties of the Gulf Coastal Plain physiographic region. Between 1974 and 2017, we made 344 collections throughout the 75 counties of Arkansas, of which 22 (6%) yielded 163 specimens of F. lancifer. Thus, from these collections, plus 10 unpublished collections of Reimer (1963), and one collection from G.L. Harp, a total of 34 collections of F. lancifer are now known from the state. Faxonius lancifer ranged from uncommon (1 specimen) to locally abundant (39 specimens) at these collecting localities. With regard to conservation status, F. lancifer should be considered as "Currently Stable" due to its widespread distribution and general abundance in Arkansas.

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