Campostoma spadiceum, stoneroller, reproduction, fishes, Arkansas


The Highland Stoneroller (Campostoma spadiceum) was described as a distinct species in 2010. Since then, the only study specific to this species is a survey of distribution, and nothing is known about reproduction. We examined 134 lots including 315 specimens of C. spadiceum housed in the Henderson State University collection of fishes to evaluate the timing of reproductive events. We dissected individuals to reveal sex and reproductive status. Females as small as 49 mm total length were able to yolk eggs, and follicles were in development by October. Ripe eggs were present in specimens collected from January through May, but were most common in March through May. Several females had oviposited in early March, but most specimens that appeared to have spawned had done so likely in April. Nuptial tubercles appeared on males as early as January and February, but most adult males were fully tubercled from March through May.