Hepatozoon, Trypanosoma, Hemoparasites, Green Frog, Rana clamitans, Arkansas, Amphibia


The green frog, Rana clamitans, has been reported as a host of several hemoparasites, including trypanosomes and Hepatozoon spp. In Arkansas, however, there are no reports of any hemoparasites in R. clamitans nor from any other anuran from the state. We collected 9 green frogs from Polk County and blood was taken from their facial musculocutaneous vein in heparinized capillary tubes. Thin blood smears were also made and stained with DipQuick stain. Seven out of 9 (78%) R. clamitans were infected with hematozoans. Three (33%) were infected with an unknown species of Hepatozoon and 4 (44%) were infected with trypanosomes of 3 distinct morphologies. Mixed infections were found in 5 (56%) of the hosts. Here, we provide the first report of hemoparasites in R. clamitans from Arkansas, including morphometric data and photomicrographs of the infections.

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