Bermuda Petrel, Cahow, Webcam, Nesting, Citizen Science, Education


We observed over 167 hours of video of a Bermuda Petrel Pterodroma cahow nest during the 2019 nesting season. The publicly available webcam feed was provided live over the internet by Nonsuch Expeditions and Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Live webcams open new avenues of data collection resulting in observations previously deemed impractical. They help surpass logistic and financial hurdles in conducting field studies. From our offices and homes in Arkansas and New York, we documented behaviors and involuntary movements of the nesting pair in Bermuda. We noted relative roles played by each parent in incubation, and behaviors of the incubating parents such as resting, sleeping, preening, nest maintenance, and moving around. We also measured orientation within the nest. For the first time in seabirds, we provide data on rates of breathing and head shaking.