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Promoting the consumption of new energies, particularly of biogas, in rural areas is a strategic initiative of the Chinese government. The government has incorporated this initiative into many of its rural development plans. Likewise, Tongwei Evergreen Libraries (TEL, 通渭青树图书馆) has also integrated ideas of the initiative into its library services. This paper describes the Biogas Promotion Program (BPP) that TEL implemented, discusses the BPP model and roles of TEL in the program, and analyzes the initial results of the program through surveying local farmers. A survey was developed for this assessment study. The survey results show that the government biogas program has helped save local residents in cutting down fuel costs and improving the efficiency of agricultural processes. The results indicate that more than 50% of biogas users were influenced by the promotional activities held by TEL. The paper recognizes the success of the BPP, explains the limitations of the survey and TEL’s activities, and offers suggestions for future promotional activities.


Originally published in CALA (Chinese American Librarians Association) Occasional Paper Series.

Feburary 2010, No.6, 1-13,