The Effects of Polydopamine Coated Cu Nanoparticles on the Tribological Properties of Polydopamine/PTFE Coatings

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PTFE, polydopamine, polydopamine coated CU nanoparticles, wear


The effects of using polydopamine (PDA) coated Cu nanoparticles (PDA-Cu) as a filler in the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) topcoat of a PDA/PTFE dual-layer coating are investigated, where the PDA is used as an adhesive basecoat. Tribological tests show that the addition of PDA-Cu in PTFE increases the wear life of PDA/PTFE by a factor of two, approximately three orders of magnitude greater than that of pure PTFE without a PDA basecoat. This increase in wear life is achieved without compromising the low coefficient of friction characteristic of pure PTFE. Scratch tests show that the PDA-Cu filler improves adhesion between the PTFE and the PDA, preventing large scale delamination and also increases the toughness of the coating, preventing ruptures at lower loads.