Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


Wejinya, Uchechukwu C.

Committee Member/Reader

Roe, Larry A.


The Federal Safety and Inspection Services in accordance with United States Department of Agriculture require that formed meat products be cooked to a specified minimum internal temperature in order to eliminate the possible presence of harmful bacteria. The current system of verifying the internal temperatures of formed meat products consists of manually inserting a temperature probe into the selected sample as it exits the oven. Creating an automated system that measures and records the internal temperatures of formed meat samples as they exit the oven along a meat processing line has been the topic of an ongoing research. The most recent research conducted utilized the knowledge and results presented from previous work to create a 3-D simulation of a proposed automated system. The objective of this thesis was to analyze the previously created simulation and implement the necessary modifications to increase the efficiency of the system. At the conclusion of the research, a new automated system process was designed along with an additional implementation for further optimization.