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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


Wejinya, Uchechukwu

Committee Member/Reader

Roe, Larry


Machine Dynamics and Control is the course offered at the University of Arkansas that deals with damped, undamped, forced and unforced systems. It’s important for students to understand each of these systems for future implementation in the industry and daily real life situations. The three types of damped systems, underdamped, overdamped and critically damped are analyzed in this thesis. As well as only two of the most common forced functions are analyzed, the cosine and sine functions. The objective of this thesis was to develop a GUI code in Matlab that would help students visualize the differences between undamped, damped, forced and unforced mass spring systems. It would also create an easy way for students to solve the problems assigned from the textbook so that a different Matlab code would not have to be created every time. At the end a display window was created were the input can be used to create the graph of the total response vs time which displays the oscillation of the system with the values of the integration constants beside it.