Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


Zhou, Wenchao

Committee Member/Reader

Albers, David


This paper presents a low-cost 3-D inkjet process design. Current commercially available 3-D inkjet printers (e.g., Objet Connex) that are capable of multi-material printing are expensive and out-of-reach of most consumers. While fused deposition modeling and other extrusion-based hybrid processes for multi-material printing are becoming available, these techniques are slow and relatively low-resolution. This research attempts to fill the gap by presenting a simple and low-cost solution to bring desktop 3-D inkjet to the community by utilizing components from an Epson inkjet printer. The mechanical system was designed with maximum utilization of the Epson carriage system with the addition of a third axis. A 3rd party ink supply system was used in replacement of the standard ink cartridges and an integrated UV LED curing system was developed. Finally, a simple software control system was implemented using Arduino. Costs were managed by exploiting the original driver electronics, power supply, and X-stage motor and feedback mechanism.