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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


Meng, Xiangbo

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Zhou, Wenchao


This paper aims to clarify the uncertainties regarding worldwide lithium resource availability in the years to come. Previous studies made on the subject are presented with some ambiguity and this work intends to fill the gaps. The information and data presented throughout this script with respect to global lithium resources and reserves are mostly based on data released by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Lithium resource availability in the future is a point of paramount significance primarily for the automotive, portable electronics, and the power generation industry. Since, a change of supply would ultimately affect the price of lithium, which would then affect the industries mentioned. Theoretical scenarios and predictions about future lithium supply and demand are presented at the latter part of this paper intended to give the reader a better understanding of the actual size of the total global lithium resources.


Lithium, Lithium Resources, Worldwide lithium resources, Renewable energy, clean, energy