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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


Roe, Larry

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Millett, Paul


The Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Sciences (ACSPS) is working together with the Mechanical Engineering Department to build a modifiable camera with 3D-printed parts and off-the-shelf parts (sourced from Edmund Optics and Amazon). The design is to be readily changeable, primarily with the 3D printed parts, as to accommodate new ideas and functionalities in the future. Ultimately, the camera should be relatively cheap while maintaining functionality for proposed use cases. Earlier versions of the design will be tested extensively and rapidly updated in the ACSPS labs with benchtop testing. This will involve subjects with both visible and infrared emissions, with specific use in the ACSPS’ Mars and Titan simulation chambers. Later down the road, field testing will help develop the automation and scanning abilities of the design, either by hand or attached to a drone. This will help develop the methods for compositing wavelength data with a given image, producing a hyperspectral image. The end goal for all of this testing and development is to build a camera to place in a cube satellite in order to make characterizations of planetary surfaces.


Optics, Spectrogram, Hyper-spectral, Hyperspectral, Camera, 3D-Printing, Space