Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Supply Chain Management


Schaffer, Meline


Continually, young people have been advised to be conscientious of the imagery they put on social media regarding their personal lives in preparation for employment selection. However, the use of social media in the selection process may cause Human Resource professionals to have inadvertent biases toward candidates among other moral and ethical issues. Through extensive research of the thoughts and actions of a plethora of different corporate professionals, I will analyze whether using social media as a tool in the selection process authentically produces positive unbiased results, or whether social media poses more ethical issues. With the hopes to create less biased and more ethical corporate recruitment strategies, this research aims to expose the mindsets of professional human resource staff through a series of assessments that will produce a claim as to whether businesses should continue the use of social media as a selection tool in the future. This analysis could impact many company issues such as turnover rate, profit margins, and employee satisfaction throughout the company by assessing the amount of liability associated with the usage of social media in the selection process.


Social Media, Recruitment, Human Resources, Bias, Social Media Usage, Unconscious Bias