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Sweeden, Sean (percussion); Ferguson, Kelby (percussion); Roe, Mike (percussion); Taylor, Paxton (percussion); Busch, Sarah (flute); Dobbs, Megan (percussion); Morrow, Ricky (percussion)

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Music Performance

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Percussion recital

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[Track 01]. Moving air / Nigel Westlake -- [Track 02]. Violin sonata no. 1 in G minor. Fuga / J.S. Bach -- [Track 03]. Merlin. Beyond the faint edge of the world ; [Track 04] Time's way / Andrew Thomas -- [Track 05] Fear cage / Kirk J. Gay -- [Track 06]. Among the thorns / Sean Sweeden -- [Track 07]. String quartet no. 16 in F major, op. 135. Lento assai, cantate e tranquillo ; Vivace / Ludwig van Beethoven, arranged by Sean Sweeden.