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American songs

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Shuman, S. Michael (baritone); Mindeman Shuman, Hannah (piano)

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Music Performance

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Voice recital

Piano recital

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[Track 1]. The rovin' gambler [Track 2].Gambler, don't you lose your place The gambler's lament / John Jacob Niles -- [Track 3]. Immortality [Track 4]. Serenity Religion / Charles Ives -- [Track 5]. Old American songs, first set. 1. The boatman's dance (Minstrel song - 1843) [Track 6]. 2. The dodger (Campaign song) [Track 7]. 3. Long time ago (Ballad) [Track 8]. 4. Simple gifts (Shaker song) [Track 9]. 5. I bought me a cat (Children's song) / Aaron Copland -- [Track 10]. Three songs, op. 45. 1. Now have I fed and eaten up the rose (James Joyce) [Track 11]. 2. A green lowland of pianos (Czeslaw Milosz) [Track 12]. 3. O boundless, boundless evening (Christopher Middleton) / Samuel Barber -- [Track 13]. Five Walt Whitman poems. O you whom I often and silently come [Track 14]. Sometimes with one I love [Track 15]. Gliding o'er all [Track 16]. Look down, fair moon [Track 17]. Gods / Ned Rorem -- [Track 18]. Four encore songs. 1. Tobacco (Graham Lee Hemingher) [Track 19]. 2. A flea and a fly (Anonymous) [Track 20]. 3. "Come, come", said Tom's father (Thomas Moore) [Track 21]. 4. Song of the open road (Ogden Nash) / Florence B. Price.