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Chamber string works of Florence Price

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Kahng, Er-Gene (violin); Williamson, Katherine (violin); Mooney, Ryan (viola); Gerstein, David (cello)

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Music Performance

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Chamber music recital

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[Track 1]. String quartet in G major. I. Allegro [Track 2]. II. Andante / Florence Price -- [Track 3]. Negro folksongs in counterpoint. I. Go down, Moses [Track 4]. II. Somebody's knocking at yo do' [Track 5]. III. Little David play on yo' harp [Track 6]. IV. Joshua fit de Battle od Jericho / Florence Price -- [Track 7]. String quartet in A minor. I. Marcato [Track 8]. II. Andante cantabile [Track 9]. III. Juba [Track 10]. IV. Finale / Florence Price-- [Track 11]. Five folksongs in counterpoint. I. Calvary [Track 12]. II. Oh my darlin' Clementine [Track 13]. III. Drink to me with thine own eyes [Track 14]. IV. Shortnin' bread [Track 15]. V. Swing low, sweet chariot / Florence Price.