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Canon, Samantha (saxophone); Samor, Gustavo (guitar); Cole, Landon (saxophone); McFarland, Austin (saxophone); Troiano, Eric (horn); Zuloaga, Florencia (piano); Waltman, Tanna (marimba); Kulczak, Lisa (soprano); Powell, Van (bass); Antonio, Felipe (guitar); Mayall, Don (drums)

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Music Performance

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Graduate recital

Chamber music recital

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[Track 1]. Histoire du Tango. I. Bordel II. Café / Astor Piazzolla -- [Track 2]. Three blues / Charles Ruggiero -- [Track 3]. Tight sweater. 3. Mara's lullaby 2. Trans fatty acid's rein / Marc Mellits -- [Track 4]. I never saw another butterfly. 1. The butterfly 2. Yes, that's the way things are 3. Birdsong 7. The old house / Lori Laitman -- [Track 5]. Donna Lee / Charlie Parker -- [Track 6]. Lonnie's lament / John Coltrane.