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Goertz, Harrison (horn); Hite, Broc (piano); Slaughter, Fiona (oboe); Zhou, Rosabelle (clarinet); Adkins, Jaden (bassoon); Bohanon, Donald (flute); Anand, Prashant (narrator); Moos, Ryan (tuba)

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Music Performance

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Graduate recital

Chamber music recital

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[Tracks 1-3]. Wind quintet in E♭ major / W.A. Mozart -- [Track 4]. Auburn echoes / Randall E. Faust -- [Track 5]. Aesop fables. 1. The tortoise and the hare [Track 6]. 3. The wind and the sun [Track 7]. 4. The dove and the ant [Track 8]. 5. The mule / Anthony Plog -- [Tracks 9-12]. Haunted America suite / Justin Raines.