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Goertz, Harrison (horn); Miroslava Panayotova (piano); Miroslava Panayotova (piano)

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Music Performance

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Horn recital

Performance certificate recital

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[Track 1]. Sonata for horn and piano. I. Massig bewegt ; [Track 2]. II. Ruhig bewegt ; [Track 3]. III. Lebhalf / Paul Hindemith -- [Track 4]. Sonata no. 3 for horn and piano. I. Moderately fast ; [Track 5]. III. With a solid beat and a jazz feeling -- [Track 6]. Concerto no. 2 in E♭ major for horn and piano. I. Allegro ; II. Andante con moto ; [Track 7]. III. Rondo, Allegro molto / Richard Strauss.