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open-enrollment, charter schools, test results

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Office for Education Policy

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Volume 09 Issue 08


Charter schools are receiving more attention in Arkansas and across the nation, as the number of these public schools of choice in Arkansas fluctuates each year. Some charters have been closed, while new ones have been opened. Further, in many media outlets, charter schools are often lumped together as one entity. However, ‘charter school’ is not a blanket term. They are separate schools run under separate charter documents with different operators. In Arkansas, there are two types of charter schools: conversion charter schools and openenrollment charter schools. Conversion charter schools are governed by the leadership in the district in which they are located. Openenrollment charter schools are independent of local school districts and do not enroll students from one particular district. The following policy brief focuses only on Arkansas’ openenrollment charter schools. In this brief, we aim to highlight the achievement of Arkansas’ open-enrollment charter schools, so that educators, policymakers, and others can make decisions based on the facts of Arkansas’ charter schools. I