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Volume 3 Issue 2


Adequate yearly progress, no child left behind


How “good” are the schools in Arkansas? Under the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, the current measure of a school’s success in Arkansas and around the country is based on whether its students meet the adequate yearly progress (AYP) benchmark on annual standardized tests. Those schools not making AYP are placed on the list of schools “in need of improvement” and therefore must give expanded educational choice (including school transfers and/or free tutoring) to eligible students. In contrast, schools that do not appear on the list are typically regarded as “successful” schools. This paper provides an overview of the AYP standard under NCLB, describes the various subgroups held accountable for making AYP, and analyzes the types of schools and subgroups in Arkansas that are failing to meet AYP.