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Volume 14 Issue 2


Low-income communities


This section highlights high-growth schools across Arkansas based on the ACT Aspire examinations in Math and English Language Arts (ELA) for the 2016-2017 academic year. For these awards, we consider schools that serve free or reduced lunch to at least 66% of the student body. High-poverty schools are ranked by school level (Elementary, Middle, or High) based on Overall Growth (Math and ELA combined), as well as for growth in each content area independently. High-poverty schools are also ranked within each region of the state. Tables include the region in which the school is located, the number of test takers, the Final Weighted Achievement as calculated by the Arkansas Department of Education, and the growth score of that school in the relevant content area.


Beating the Odds: High-Growth Schools based on the ACT Aspire Examinations, Serving Low-Income Communities