Human Factors to Organizational Change

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Change management, human factors, leadership, communication, organizing for change, operations management, human behavior


MSEM/MSOM Lunch and Learn Webinar Series


Regardless of the type of business you own or work in, people are at the heart of it. Even in the most advanced manufacturing facilities that feature notably few human elements than in days past, those individuals as well as the customers and suppliers of your organization are of supreme importance. In this webinar, we’ll be spending time with Jeff Bean and Travis McNeal, two instructors in the MS in Operations Management program, who focus on the human element of operations management because people are at the heart of the workplace.

  • Additional reading resources:
    • “Switch” - Chip and Dan Heath
    • “Leading Change” - John Kotter
    • “ADKAR” - Jeff Hiatt
    • “HBR's 10 must reads on Change Management”
    • “Unlock behavior / unleash profit “- Leslie Braksick


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Moderated by Karin Hickenbotham, MSOM Program Manager

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