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MSOM Lunch and Learn Webinar Series


Today’s business environment continues to be a challenge. Businesses whether small, or large leverage third-party vendors to provide critical services like data handling (security, transmitting, and storage), cloud storage/applications, and systems security monitoring.

Each business must ask themselves a few simple questions about one of their most valuable assets “Data”. If or when it leaves your secure working environment:

  • How secure is your customer data in transit and storage?
  • Do your third-party vendors handle your “critical information”?
    • Provide a secure environment for processing?
    • Comply with a proven Cyber Security Framework?
    • Perform a “Due Diligence” on-boarding step for the Nth vendors (how many vendors handles your specific data) in your cyber supply chain?
    • Follow security agreements and service level agreements catered to information security?
    • Ensure data privacy is an important element of their InfoSec Program?

It is more important than ever for businesses that handle proprietary information, personal identifiable information and protected health information to understand the threats and risk management practices to ensure “Critical Information” is secure. These questions and more will be covered in this webinar.


Moderated by Karin Hickenbotham

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