Hire Traits, Train Skills

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In this month's episode, MSOM Instructors, Jim Burgin and Travis McNeal discuss why it's important to hire employees based on their traits instead of experience or expertise.

About: Too many times hiring mangers find themselves saddled with people that have outstanding expertise and experience but have traits/characteristics (work ethic or dedication, for instance) that make all the functional knowledge seem less helpful. Travis and Jim contend that hiring traits (integrity, empathy) and then training the skills they need makes for a better team member and workplace. Changing traits, or even slightly modifying a person’s character is very difficult. Dr. Morris Massey, who was a sage on this subject, believed that most people have a high percentage of their “gut level value system” from a very young age and it takes a significant emotional event to change their values. Travis and Jim are not only some of our most experienced Organizing for Change instructors, but also have years successfully building and leading teams.

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