calcium, phosphorus, broiler, requirement


Calcium and phosphorus have been recognized essential nutrients in chickens since 1950’s (Lesson & Summers, 2001) playing important roles in bone development, among other functions. Calcium is assumed an inexpensive nutrient in animal least cost formulation while phosphorus is considered expensive and scant. The actual economic impact comes from the influence of calcium on phosphorus requirements, changes in phosphorus digestibility, buffer capacity, gut health, trace mineral absorption, fat digestibility, welfare traits, etc. Both minerals have important interactions to be considered during formulation. Few changes have been made over the past 20 years to calcium and phosphorus recommendations because these values have supported the steady genetic improvement and also due to the complexity presented in the calcium supplementation interfering in the determination of phosphorus requirements. Herein, the latest calcium and phosphorus recommendations for broiler at various stages of growth will be provided.