Lactic acid bacteria and their use in swine direct-fed microbials

Mari-Ellen Davis
Joshua Rehberger
Charles Maxwell, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Thomas Rehberger
Mike King

Charles Maxwell, Department of Animal Science


This invention relates methods of administering lactic acid bacteria to animals, such as pigs and methods of making lactic acid bacteria. TRFs useful for identifying strains of interest are provided. Methods of identifying one or more strain that can be used as a direct-fed microbial; for administering to an animal an effective amount of the one or more strain; an isolated strain chosen from at least one of Lactobacillus acidophilus strain PlB C6 (NRRL B-50103), o24[omicron]e 33w (NRRL B-50102), o246e 42 (NRRL BoOl 71), and strain PU e3 (NRRL B-50101); an isolated strain having all of the identifying characteristics of one of the strains listed above are provided. One or more strain can be administered as a direct-fed microbial to an animal. Methods of preparing a direct-fed microbial are also provided.