Determination of optical constants and inhomogeneity of optical films by two-step film envelope method

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Optical coatings, Optical properties, Optical constants


A simple two-step film envelope method has been proposed to determine the optical constants and small inhomogeneity of the optical films, which uses maximum envelopes and minimum envelope of the normal incidence transmittance of the two-step film. The two-step films were prepared by stopping the deposition process in the middle of the designed sputtering time, and then, after a full cooling down to room temperature, repeating the same deposition process again to complete the whole preparation of the films. The optical constants of Nb2O5–TiO2 mixed films were calculated by two-step film envelope method and traditional envelope method. The experimental results demonstrate that the average refractive index and extinction coefficient calculated by two-step film envelope method are more accurate than those calculated by the traditional envelope method.