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prejudice, moral values


In this chapter, we will draw on previous treatments of the history of prejudice research (Devine, 1995; Duckitt, 1992; Milner, 1983) to conduct an historical review of how events in both the real world and the research world have shaped researchers’ conceptualizations of the intentionality of prejudice. We argue that, while early research focused on the intentional aspects of prejudice, modern research focuses more exclusively on the unintentional aspects of prejudice. As a result of the modern overattention to the unintentional aspects of prejudice, researchers have ignored the possibility that some people are motivated to express prejudice (Forscher & Devine, in preparation). Through our argument, we hope to build a bridge between modern and classic insights into prejudice processes.


A preprint version of a chapter written for the book: Handbook of Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Discrimination (2nd Edition),