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Bachelor of Social Work

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School of Social Work


Stauss, Kimberly

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Plassmeyer, Mark

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Burris, Sidney

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Marren, Susan


Racism is perpetuated throughout American society and instilled in every aspect of communities, institutions, and government. The denial and misunderstanding of white privilege leads to the continuation of racism, inequality, and oppression. This pattern is particularly evident in Historically White Fraternities and Sororities (HWFS). Seeking to educate college students on white privilege, and consequently result in a less racist and more inclusive campus community, a month-long program was developed, implemented, and analyzed. The program included two sessions consisting of a presentation, experiential exercise, and discussion, and two optional reflective written assignments. This mixed methods study examined changes in participants’ levels of awareness and understanding of privilege, racism, and diversity throughout the program. A pretest and posttest measured the increased knowledge gained in regards to privilege and oppression. Semi-structured qualitative interviews explored lessons learned regarding the entire process of the project and examples of changes in individual perceptions. Ultimately, this project worked towards anti-racism efforts on the University of Arkansas campus and filling research gaps left by previous literature.


white privilege, privilege, racism, greek life, sorority, fraternity

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