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Bachelor of Arts


Sociology and Criminal Justice


Shields, Christopher

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Brogi, Alessandro

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Bradley, Mindy

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Starks, Trish


Human Trafficking largely affects over 160 different countries worldwide. Not only is it an occurrence in America, but estimates suggest that there are 14,500-17,500 victims trafficked into the United States annually. The U.S. has taken a direct approach in combating this social injustice by enacting the TVPA (2000). The purpose of this study is to empirically analyze federal court cases and address certain claims that have been made by critics of the TVPA (2000). The database constructed throughout this research draws from 354 federal human trafficking court cases and uses variables to create data from case descriptions. This thesis analyzes specific variables within the constructed database that describe the victims of federal trafficking victims, the characteristics of victims who aid traffickers in federal court cases, and the organization of defendants who are prosecuted in the federal court.