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Teaching students in an online program requires being intentional with how the course is constructed and how space is created for students to fully engage. Face-to-face courses provide the means of this interaction that creates a challenge for online learning. The following are some innovative and creative ways I am using technology to engage my online students and enhance their learning. I utilize Zoom to hold optional Live Chats via Zoom. These are also recorded for students to watch later as well. I use breakout rooms for small group discussions (pair-and-share, triads, and larger groups), we have Q & A sessions, review content, I share my consulting experiences and provide supplement content and a deeper dive into some concepts. The sessions provide space for online students to really get to know each other and myself as the instructor. I write a weekly blog titled, “Friday’s Food for Thought”. It provides another avenue to share relevant content, by sharing personal stories and reflections that connect real life experiences with organizational life. I have a weekly podcast titled, Chatting About Change with Dr. Jim Maddox and chat with top scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders. I share a Monday Video Announcement and on Wednesdays, I provide additional resources. I hold weekly Zoom Office Hours and created and maintain a Blackboard Program site. I am attempting to create a community of scholar/practitioners; providing the space for students to connect and engage beyond passive learning.