University of Arkansas, Fayetteville


Consumer interest in blackberries has been increasing due in part to reputed health-promoting factors. Appearance, flavor, and texture attributes of blackberry fruits are important to consumers. The objective of this study was to investigate correlations among sensory and composition attributes of blackberry genotypes from the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture breeding program. Descriptive panelists evaluated attributes of 20 blackberry genotypes. Composition attributes were evaluated for these and two additional genotypes. ‘Natchez’ had the most pyrenes/berry and the highest levels of total ellagitannins. Selection A-2215 was scored highest for descriptive-evaluated sweetness and had the highest soluble solids content. Total ellagitannins (r= 0.57; p<0.0095) and ORAC (r= 0.54; p<0.0146) were moderately correlated to seediness, which may reflect the value of ORAC factors in pyrenes. These initial investigations of the relationship between sensory and composition of blackberry genotypes provide insights that can be used for future blackberry cultivar assessments.