General Questions

What is ScholarWorks@UARK?

ScholarWorks@UARK is the institutional repository for the University of Arkansas; it contains research, scholarship, and creative work produced by the university’s academic departments, research centers, faculty, staff, researchers, and students. Much of the content is open access, meaning that it is offered to users worldwide for the purpose of furthering research, scholarship, and education. More information can be found on the About Page.

Who can submit works to ScholarWorks@UARK?

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Academic Departments, Research Centers, Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Can faculty, researchers, or students who are not affiliated with the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville submit works to ScholarWorks@UARK?

Yes, if they are co-authors on an article or thesis with an affiliate of the University, or if they are submitting to our Law Natural Resources Collection or to journals that are not specifically affiliated with the University of Arkansas.

How do I cite the work that I find in the repository?

Please use the citing format that is appropriate for your research area (e.g. MLA, APA) and use the link to the work in ScholarWorks@UARK.

How do I use the Search function?

First, please select Advanced Search, which allows for more search options. Second, click the "All Fields" box to select the option from the drop-down menu that best relates to your inquiry. Third, type in the terms related to that selection. (e.g. Service Learning for drop down Subject, John Doe for Author, Patent for Document Type). If you would like more help with the Search please contact us at

Can I still link to my work from my own website?

Yes, once your work has been submitted and posted, you can post the URL anywhere.

Submission Questions

How do I submit my work to ScholarWorks@UARK?

Please go to our Guidelines, where you will find our policies and procedures.

What kinds of materials/content can I add to ScholarWorks@UARK?

Please refer to our Guidelines. Under your classification (e.g. Faculty or Graduate Student), you will find a list of materials. If you would like to add something else, please contact us,

How long will it take for my research to be available on ScholarWorks@UARK?

In your SelectedWorks account, your work appears instantly. The time frame for other materials varies.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Questions

What rights do I grant The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and which do I retain for myself when I submit my work to ScholarWorks@UARK?

When depositing work in the repository, the author signs a non-exclusive distribution license. The author retains all other rights in the work, including without limitation, the right to copy and distribute the work. Essentially, this non-exclusive license means that, unless the author has already granted copyright or other rights to another party, the author may publish, post, deposit, or otherwise use the work as he/she wishes.

For additional copyright information please go to Guidelines where you will find Copyright Privileges.

Privacy Questions

Can I restrict access, by indicating that I want an embargo, to the work I submit to ScholarWorks@UARK?

Yes, please refer to our Guidelines, where you will find Access and Restrictions.

Can items be withdrawn from ScholarWorks@UARK?

Yes, please contact us,

What is the ScholarWorks@UARK’s Privacy Policy?

Please refer to our Guidelines, where you will find the Privacy Policy.

Theses and Dissertation Questions

Where do I find the information needed to submit my Undergraduate Honors Thesis?

Please go to the Guidelines where you will find How to Submit Undergraduate Honors Research. If you have further questions, please contact us,

Can I submit a physical copy of my Undergraduate Honors Thesis to the library?

We suggest submitting online only, unless there is a reason you do not want your thesis online. Please contact us directly,

Is submission into ScholarWorks@UARK required for me to graduate as an undergraduate student?

Please check with your department whether or not you are required to submit your thesis, but we would be delighted to have your thesis in the repository.

Is my Graduate Thesis or Dissertation going to appear in ScholarWorks@UARK?

Yes, when you submit your thesis/dissertation to ProQuest, you are simultaneously submitting it to ScholarWorks@UARK. We will honor your restrictions, so if you ask ProQuest for an embargo, we will impose that embargo as well for the time indicated. If you are asking for an indefinite embargo, your thesis will not appear in the repository.

If you have a question we did not answer here, contact us, We are continuously developing our question list, and we welcome your comments.