The influences of cold treatment, gibberellic acid and red light treatment on rate of germination of seeds of Ginkgo biloba L. were followed for a 12-wk period. Dispersal units were collected, and the outer fleshy layer was removed soon after harvest. Of water-imbibed, non-cold-treated seeds, 50% of those which germinated did so within 11 wk after planting. A single application of red light accelerated the 50% germination time by 3 wk. Imbibition in GA3 solution did not appear to accelerate germination. With 4-wk cold treatment the 50% germination time was accelerated 6 wk in water-imbibed seeds. Both red light and GA3 treated seeds also were accelerated 6 wk by cold treatment. An 8-wk cold treatment accelerated the 50% germination time 7 wk for all three treatment groups. The influence of red light observed on non-cold-treated seeds was not seen with seeds receiving a cold treatment prior to irradiation. A 12-wk cold treatment period delayed germination in all treated groups. Dry storage of seeds for 4mo at 25 C also delayed germination regardless of red light, GA3 or cold treatment.

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