The total record of the Devonian System in the Batesville district, northeast Arkansas is represented by the Penters Chert. Conodonts recovered from a thin limestone near the top of the Penters confirm a Lower Devonian age assignment, making this the oldest Devonian formation in northern Arkansas. The contact of the Penters Chert and the overlying Mississippian section is a marked disconformity. Excellent exposures in the bluffs along the east side of the White River exhibit unpredictable distributions of lower Mississippian strata. The most complete representation of the Mississippian sequence includes a basal sandstone of the Bachelor Formation, overlain by several feet of St. Joe Limestone, and capped by thick limestone and chert beds of the Boone Formation. However, laterally in the outcrop, portions of the section are removed, so that the Boone Formation rests directly on the Penters in some places. The top of the Penters may develop a breccia of chert boulders cemented by a quartz-bearing carbonate. This carbonate cement contains a mixed assemblage of Upper Devonian and Lower Mississippian conodonts.

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