The vertebrate lens has a high protein content (35%), 80-90% of which is composed of the soluble, lens-specific structural proteins, the crystallins. The lens protein profiles of urodelan species have been found to be qualitatively distinct. On this basis the lens proteins have been proposed as a measure of true speciation in urodelans. This paper is the result of our effort to derive a technique for comparison of lens protein profiles on a purely qualitative basis without utilizing the complex methodology employed by previous workers. With this object in mind, the lens protein profiles of Plethodon glutinosus, Ambystoma annulatum, and Ambystoma maculatum were studied to determine the degree of difference actually observable on a purely qualitative basis, and thus the applicability of this technique to urodelan taxonomy. Definite observable differences were found in the lens protein profiles of all species; thus confirming the potential value of this technique to urodelan taxonomy.

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