A plot of land on the University of Central Arkansas campus has been permanently designated as a Nature Reserve which is to remain much as it is with woods and open, grassy fields for class use and other educational purposes. The 1.5 hectare open field is a particularly good site for prairie restoration, since the area has not been under cultivation in recent time. Andropogon gerardi, A. scoparius, Sorghastrum avenaceum, Panicum virgatum, Liatris pycnostachya, Eryngium yuccifolium, Rudbeckia hirta, and Helianthus sp. are examples of plants naturally occurring here with some frequency. A number of other plants typical of prairie remnants in Arkansas occur but some are in smaller numbers. Vegetation monitoring has included compilation of a species list and frequency of species sampled during the fall of 1981 as well as gathering of quantitative data on the percent cover. Restoration has included elimination of some encroaching woody species and burning as well as a program involving seed collection, sowing and transplant operations.

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