The mandibular (dentary) dentition of six species of Plethodon (P. caddoensis, P. dorsalis, P. fourchensis, P. glutinosus, P. ouachitae, and P. serratus) from Arkansas was studied using scanning electron microscopy. In all species, the mandibular teeth were bicuspid, and each tooth possessed a prominent labial cusp and a well-developed, inward-curving lingual cusp. All species showed similar tooth crown features, except P. caddoensis which exhibited a reduced tooth height and a reduced lingual cusp (only slightly larger than the labial cusp). We compared our data with other studies on premaxillary, maxillary, and palatal teeth in Plethodon and found overall similarities in tooth types. Tooth morphology does not appear to be an effective tool for taxonomic purposes in our Plethodon species because of the range of morphological variation in tooth structure.

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