Robison and Smith's (1982) list of endemic species of Arkansas rendered a valuable service to the community of biologists interested in the endemic biota of the state. These authors listed seven species of plants and forty species of animals endemic to Arkansas. This paper stimulated my interest in the endemic biota of the Ozark/Ouachita Mountain region of Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. During the course of compiling a list of Ozark/Ouachita endemic species several references were found that listed Arkansas endemic taxa inadvertently overlooked by Robison and Smith. Most notable among these references was Chamberlin and Hoffman (1958), Checklist of the Millipeds of North America. This paper chronicles the work of N. B. Causey and R. V. Chamberlin who describe thirty-two species of endemic Arkansas Millipeds. These records as well as a few additional records for other animal and plant taxa are presented in this paper.

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