Between January, 1988 and February, 1989 a total of 1300 pitfall traps were placed in 150 sites covering 43 counties in Arkansas. Over 290 small mammals and numerous amphibians, lizards, tortoises, and invertebrates were captured. Shrews accounted for167 of the small mammals, and included Blarina carolinensis (116), Cryptotis parva (48), and Sorex longirostris (3). B. carolinensis is abundant in all habitats in the southeastern two-thirds of the state, C. parva is common statewide in grassy or brushy areas, and S. longirostris is considered to be uncommon, but is found in a variety of habitats. B. hylophaga, although not targeted, is found in the northwestern one-third of the state where itis considered to be common. Notiosorex crawfordi is only found in the extreme western part of the state and is considered to be rare.

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