Field investigations of the reproductive biology and larval growth and development in Ambystoma opacum from northeastern Arkansas began in early October, 1987 at the onset of nesting activities, and concluded in early May, 1988 when larval transformation occurred. The onset and timing of clutch deposition were documented. Clutch size averaged 107.1 eggs and was not significantly correlated with snout- vent length (SVL). The incubation period was estimated to be 90 days. Larvae grew at an average rate of 6.3 mm SVL per month. Metamorphosis, in early May, occurred at an average SVLof 30.5 mm. Larval development was recorded by noting the chronological appearance of digits on limb buds as well as noting the change in body color patterns. Premetamorphs characteristically retained a ventrolateral row of white spots throughout development. Postmetamorphs eventually lost these spots and developed a color pattern totally unlike adults.

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