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Art, Science, or Trade


Several definitions of the term "engineer" are presented, discussed, and contrasted with the term "scientist". These definitions demonstrate the fundamental differences between engineers and scientists and their professions The engineering method is compared with the scientific method and the value of each is discussed. Several aspects of engineering education are covered. The need for more liberally educated engineers is emphasized and the impact of computers on engineering education and the engineering profession is discussed. The value of a good science foundation in an undergraduate engineering program is also stressed. An engineering education is only as good as the engineering educators and for this reason it is imperative that the best engineers be involved in education. This is especially true in engineering design courses. Practicing engineers with practical experience must be brought into the education arena to share their experiences. Engineering and science are different professions. Each has a different set of goals and different methods of achieving these goals. This division or separation of science and engineering serves the best interest of each profession and also mankind as a whole.