Over the past 14 years, an effort was made to summarize and improve our knowledge of the Arkansas pteridophyte flora beyond that developed by Taylor and Demaree (1979). They presented a flora of 68 species plus 2 varieties plus 4 hybrids, for a total of 74 taxa vouchered with 1335 county-level occurrence records. Changes in accepted nomenclature, field work, and herbaria searches have added as new to the flora 10 species plus 1 variety plus 7 hybrids, supported with 74 county-level occurrence records. Another 815 county-level occurrence records were added to the known flora. The Arkansas pteridophyte flora now consists of 78 species plus 3 varieties plus 11hybrids, supported with 2224 county-level occurrence records. Achecklist, 92 distribution maps, a history of Arkansas pteridophyte floristics, corrective nomenclatural notes, and a phylogeny based ona recent national treatment on pteridophytes are provided.

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